And you'll understand why our life long regulars' tell their friends...

"There is no place like Good Thymes"

Host Your Next Event With Us!

What's it like to Design a Private dining experience with us? memorable, easy & alot of fun. Here's why:

You'll have access to our inhouse decorator

Who will be available to help you with your vision. From floral arrangements for an exciting tablescape to custom party decorations.. We're equipped with resources, talent and supplies to bring your vision to life.

a private bartender

Will not only be assigned to your event or function, but is available to help you customize your very own drink menu for the special occasion!

A grand prix fixe menu

Can be preselected so you won't need to worry about any interruptions. You and your guests can enjoy the ultra special dining experience by only focusing on each others company!

group of people holding footed glasses
group of people holding footed glasses